Backup MX Store & Forward

Backup MX Store & Forward


A store-and-forward server will capture and store email for you in case your email server becomes unavailable. Once your mail server is back online. The stored email will be sent onto your mail server to resume service as normal. Select the number of domains you would like to protect.

Pricing is Per-Domain/Month.


Product Description

A store-and-forward mail server is a backup mail server that will store email for you until your real mail server comes back up (and then will forward the stored email to the real mail server). One of the (many) advantages of a store and forward mail server is that you don’t have to setup accounts for all of your mail users on it. The store-and-forward server just takes everything and then, when the real server is online, hands everything off to it for sorting there. This is very handy if you’re hosting your own mail server at your office on a DSL or Cable Modem Internet connection that does sometimes fail.

Providing mission critical Store and Forward services for your Mail server, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of Anti-Virus Protection, Anti-Spam filtering that our other mail customers receive, along with the peace of mind that we’ll guard your mail in the event of an Internet connection or hardware failure. We’ll manage granular details like DNS TTL, configuring domain aliases. We’ll be monitoring our detailed SMTP logs to make sure everything is working perfectly.


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